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Book Review: The Arranged Love Marriage

I am giving my best shot at reviewing this book. Hope you’ll like this one. Thanks again Safina for giving me this chance.

So The Arranged Love Marriage written by Safina Khan Soudagar is one of the best romance novel I read this year. It is simply awesome. I loved her style of writing and the fast pace of the story. It wasn’t a drag but an easy read which we could finish in just one sitting! I was glad I got the opportunity to read this lovely story. 

From the name itself it is obvious that this is a love story. But don’t start guessing the plot. It amazes you everytime with its turn of events. This is no ordinary romance novel but gives us a very strong message when we finish reading it. See, there’s no way you’re going to get bored of this beautiful story. 

Each character of this book has this quality in them that make us feel as an extension of ourself. Family values, friendship, dedication to work, love- everything plays a key role in this novel. 

The lead roles of this novel are Saphira and Sameer. Apart from them the character I loved the most was Saphira’s bestfriend Ella. She’s so hyperactive that she reminded me of my bestfriend. And I loved the way Saphira’s gang of friends support eachother. Their bond is so strong and they balance eachother. 

Its funny how sometimes the right stranger can be your true soulmate.

I felt the satisfaction of reading a good book after I finished this one. And I’d give it a 10/10. So dont waste your time and its high time you add it to you TBR. I assure you- you wont be disappointed. 

Thanks for reading! Love you all. 

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Just ignore the photography. I know it sucks! Well, I am a newbie and lets hope it gets better. 😁

I know most of you have already read this book and I was a bit late, I guess. I’d picked this book before but then I was not in the mood for reading plays. So I just left it behind. But now I’m glad I read this. Tbh, it didn’t give me the satisfaction of reading a ‘Harry Potter’ book. Compared to the rest of it, this one seemed less serious. Maybe I’m a bit too old for it? Nah, I’m just 20 (lol) and nobody is too old for Harry Potter series. Anyway I enjoyed this sweety and finished it in one sitting. 

This book is an easy read. You’d get lost in the world of wizards. Everyone’s changed in this book. They got older – Harry, Ron, Hermione and serious. Still they got their friendship which I still envy. 

This is my review about this book. You guys may have other views about it. I’m just happy to share what I think. Hoping you like it.

 Till next, with love                                               AAMI😊

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Book Review: The Bronze Horseman

I found this beautiful picture from google. I dont own this trillogy although I very much wanted to. Everyone whose gonna read this book please keep a box of tissue near them. I found myself bawling my eyes while reading this book. It felt so raw and everything at the same time.

So this is basically a historical romance which is taking place during the 2nd world war. After reading this book I got some close insights about the condition of people during those war years. I was so lucky to be not born then and there. This story shows us how someone can reach their goals from their sheer determination. Some may find this a bit of extreme but I loved it enough. I loved the innocence of Tatiana (female lead) and the fierceness with which Alexander (male lead) loved her. I loved how they stood together and made their way through that life. 

The story is about this girl named Tatiana who is so selfless meets Alexander who is a soldier on the first day of the war quite unexpectedly. But their relationship doesn’t stay as sweet as their first meet.Everything becomes a chaos when the war starts and their life spins out of their control. I’m trying not to give any spoilers.

It is so heart warming at the same time heart breaking.I dont know why but I always like the books which make me cry.I am currently reading the second book ‘Tatiana and Alexander’ and I’m enjoying it a lot. 

Please let me know what you think about my reviews. I can improve if you tell me your opinions. 

Thankyou for reading. Love ya all.

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So here starts my blogging!!

So as my first official blog post, I thought of introducing myself. 

So hey nerds, this is me Amnah (yep no last name). I am 20 and residing in India. Currently I am doing my UG in civil engineering (yass college!!). And I’m a muslimah.

I read a lot, likes listening to music and also keeps a journal. I am interested in art and writing too. But I dont draw much, just the doodling and stuffs. ALSO I love travelling. ^^

On my blog I’ll review the books I read and maybe add bits and pieces of my life. So I think you guys got an idea about me. I’ll be sharing more later.

Thankyou for reading and support my little blog please!